So What? CoverThis book helps social and faith-based nonprofit organizations provide meaningful and convincing answers to the most important question a donor can ask: “What difference is your cause making?” It’s the so-what test few charitable organizations are capable of passing. Instead, they mostly provide anecdotes and one-off stories. Results are characterized as a large number. It’s not enough these days. Donors want to know that stories about change are not isolated examples, but evidence that positive impact will continue to increase. This book argues that measuring qualitative change is possible and not as hard as you think. Not only will you see the possibilities, you will know how to recognize significant impact and how to report it to your donors.

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Global Giving

The dynamics of globalization and the speed of change have created greater complexity for Western missions. The Age of Global Giving provides accelerated learning for donors, church leaders, agency leaders, and mission workers. As a result, donors can achieve greater outcomes with deeper satisfaction in their giving and their voluntary work. Ministry workers can develop improved vision, values, and strategies that go further in creating sustainable impact and align with the donor values of today. It’s a new day in the relationship between donor and recipient, and it’s just in time because global mission is in dire need of this kind of cooperation.

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